You’re Supposed To Be My Co-Parent, But You Ghost Our Kids. F**k You S**tbag!


I am so tired of your s**t! I am literally at my lowest point right now. We are supposed to be co-parenting, but you don’t even come around! When you do show your face, it’s only for a couple of hours, and all you do is yell at the kids and sleep. You are a s**tbag of a father, but you used to be the greatest. All you do is smoke weed and stay at your friend’s house. I call you and you don’t answer. The kids wanna talk to you sometimes, but you act like you could care less.

So you know what? F**k you! I got this. I been had this. When I get a new number you won’t get it. You can talk to my mom when you finally want to be back in the kid’s lives. I’m done with your selfish @ss. And BTW, there is absolutely no way in hell that we’d ever get back together! You do petty s**t to me, and I’m tired of letting it slide. No more nice me. That girl is dead. Thanks for bringing out my inner b*t*h. Stay at your friend’s house seven days a week and keep pretending that we don’t exist.

image: unchose