You’re Weird AF, But I Love You. Acknowledge My Kids, Open Up, And We May Be Ok.

29. Long distance friendship now relationship. Comes home in a few weeks. Wants me all to himself for a few days. Relationship is cool outside the 24hr time difference. Communication lacks. You don’t call nor Skype. Skype is FREE BTW, although you make great money anyway. You never ever ask about my kids, to the point I feel you ignore the fact I’m a mother. Please don’t ignore that like you can wisp me away back with you to the Philippines.

Also, don’t ever tell me you are not interested in being my equal. You are a complete asshole for that. I still don’t know WTF you mean by “mentally” dominating me per your request. Yes, I can hang with the fact you are weird, especially sexually. Leave that suburban/black Ken/pill popping/nothing matters, my rich doctor parents deem me as the black sheep, bullsh+t when you fly home.

Dating a psych can be such sh+t. Let’s talk about all YOUR problems that are now obvious. I love you. But feeling love from you instead of the kind you don’t receive is unfair. Open up. Or I’m not entertaining this lifetime long therapy session.

image- Rod Library@UNI