You’ve Been As Bad A Friend As My Ex Was A Spouse. Kick Rocks You Psycho!

You told horrible lies about me for no reason.  You’ve used me for your own amusement and blamed me for things that weren’t my fault. You’ve manipulated me time and time again. You’ve told me you were dying three times and I’ve come home every time just in case! You’ve run off lifelong friends with your toxicity. You’ve been as bad a friend as my ex was a spouse. All while pointing out his faults, when really, you two were peas in a f++ked up pod. I’m sorry I didn’t see through you sooner.

I’m sorry I believed your b+llsh+t lies and gave you the benefit of the doubt so many times! I’m sorry I listened to you cry over your piece of sh+t husband who destroyed your mind and heart, yet you can’t get enough of him! I’m sorry I moved near you. I’m sorry I ever f++king met you! I hate everything you’ve done to me, but most of all I hate that you don’t care, won’t ever admit what you’ve done, and will never have to pick your sorry ass up off the floor because I knocked your punk ass out! I’m better than that and I’m better than you!

21 years of friendship was the biggest waste of my time! My ex was crazy, but at least he owned his crazy. You just blame others and hide your sh+t! Good luck in the future. Hope it’s fun dealing with everything by yourself. I’m done!

image- Rochelle, just rochelle