Standing up for My Grandpa: Navigating the Challenges of Dementia with a Dismissive Friend

I’m sick of arguing with an a-hole that I thought could be my friend. Literally every day she keeps telling me and everyone else who talks to her that she knows better than we do. She has zero empathy for anyone. I once told her and a couple of other friends that they’re treating my grandpa (who has Alzheimer’s) badly in his care home. She told me that they probably treat him like crap because he’s aggressive. “I know because I’m smarter than you,” she said. My grandpa is very docile. I should know as someone who has been by his side for years. What excuse do they have to treat my grandpa or anyone else like crap because of a disease? And what right does that she have to tell me that my dying grandpa isn’t worth her empathy? I swear, I didn’t know people could be this full of themselves.