Men and women alike, who do not pay child support, should have to do and go through the things the custodial parent of their child has to deal with. We live in a world that will allow a parent to ignore their child all the way into their adulthood. Yet, if the parent who has sole custody does any of the things the noncustodial parent does, they will face harsh repercussions for their actions. We live in a time where you have the entire world in your hands with one click. Why is it so hard to improve the child support system to help the child as it should, instead of causing the child to endure hardship and suffering because half of their genes decided they no longer wanted to be there for the child?

So, thanks to Ms. Corona, I’m stuck inside my home with my family. This isn’t how I thought it would turn out. So, my dad was watching TV in the living room and I went down to eat something in the kitchen and supposedly he asked me a question. But I didn’t hear him. He then yells at me for having an attitude. Like, is he drinking again? UGH. He just acted as if nothing happened afterward. Quarantine needs to end soon.

I’m so confused when it comes to love. I’m in love with my best friend and it hurts. I’m not ready to be in a relationship, but the rest of me wants them. I don’t know what to do. I love them so much. More than anything. I have for years. But I’m scared of losing my freedom.

My mom is an emotionally abusive b**ch. A lot of friends and family think she’s so great, but she’s really not. She’s constantly mean to me and puts me down. I have mental health issues because of her abuse. I literally ran to my boyfriend’s place before the Covid-19 lockdown in my city so I didn’t have to be quarantined with her. I’m dealing with the quarantine so much better here than I would be at home. Why does she hate me so much? What did I do to deserve this treatment?

He’s such a selfish b**tard. Keeps coming into my life and out again. He says he’s trying to make it work but he literally changes nothing. I met someone else. He’s kind, funny, and really beautiful. As soon as the selfish b**tard texts, he starts to come back around, but nothing has changed. I love him and thought he was the one, but I can’t keep hurting myself like this. I’ve got to get rid of him. I think about him every minute. He’s the most selfish man I’ve met. He’s also an alcoholic.

I’m sick of being in love with someone who barely notices me. I’m sick of constantly wanting the best for her and wanting to be by her side to see her succeed, only to have her look at me as someone she barely knows anymore and someone she has no intention of getting to know better. I’m sick of this love and I want a new one.

I’m tired.
I’m tired of being used by my parents financially just because they didn’t make something of themselves.
I’m tired of getting heartbroken.
I’m tired of always picking myself up when I don’t want to continue anymore.
I’m tired of having the heart to always love but not receiving the love back.
I’m tired of always putting on a smile when I’m not in any way happy.
I’m tired of offering a hug when I’m never offered one.
I’m tired of hearing, “You’re young, you can’t be tired.”
I’m tired. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to continue.
What’s the point?
I’ve tried for 26 years. Why do I have to keep going?
All my hopes and dreams of actually having a solid family aren’t going to happen.
Why? Why should I continue?
I know it’s not all unicorn farts and rainbows, but I hate this loneliness I’ve always had inside and hidden.
There’s no point.

I love my man, but he has learning difficulties. It’s really frustrating sometimes when he doesn’t get hints or clues. I had to tell him the other day what a common object was. He’s the best man I’ve met and I do love him. I just can’t deal with it sometimes when he acts like a child. I know it’s not his fault. He’s truly beautiful. I think this makes me shallow, but I long for adult conversation and sometimes intimacy. He just doesn’t know how. He tries, and that’s one of the reasons I love him.

I’m sick of arguing with an a-hole that I thought could be my friend. Literally every day she keeps telling me and everyone else who talks to her that she knows better than we do. She has zero empathy for anyone. I once told her and a couple of other friends that they’re treating my grandpa (who has Alzheimer’s) badly in his care home. She told me that they probably treat him like sh*t because he’s aggressive. “I know because I’m smarter than you,” she said. My grandpa is very docile. I should know as someone who has been by his side for years. What excuse do they have to treat my grandpa or anyone else like sh*t because of a disease? And what right does that f**king b*t*h have to tell me that my dying grandpa isn’t worth her empathy? I swear, I didn’t know people could be this full of themselves.

At what point do kids start brushing their own f__king hair? I have a kid going into the sixth grade who won’t brush her own hair. She sits around and lazily slings the brush through a little 1X1 portion of her hair over and over again not making any progress. She just watches me lose my sh*t with this stupid f__king look on her face. Then the tears start. Three hours a day. Three f__king hours a day just to brush her hair. I just flipped sh*t on her five minutes ago, and I know she’s in there staring at herself in the mirror with her f__king mouth hanging open. She’s not a stupid kid. She’s pretty damn smart, but I want to shave her f__king head. That’s it. That is the solution. I’m going to cut her f__king hair off right now.