You Tried To Have Me Jailed And Committed. Sigh. F**k You, You Sick Twisted B*t*h.


I’m so tired of trying to fit into your life. I worked my @ss off for five years. I cleaned your house, fed and washed your dog, and took care of your baby. I did all of this while maintaining straight A’s, being on student council, and playing three sports. I worked my @ss off year-round, and had to go home and listen to you bth and moan, all while having to impress your family.

When I tried to leave you, you’d get pissed and would shut everyone out of my life. You’d make me feel secluded by making me feel like no one cared. When I tried to get out again, you tried to get me sent to jail for the stupidest s**t ever. When that didn’t work, you said that I’m “mental,” and you tried to have me committed. When that didn’t work, you got pissed and kicked me out. Your reason? Because you were “dating a black person.” Continue reading

F**k You. F**k Your Kids. F**k Everything You Touch. Burn B*t*h.


I should have known you’d pull some bllsht. It was peaceful for too long. We were finally getting along after 20+ years of non-stop fighting. I forgave you for most of your abuses and tried to move on. For a while there it seemed like you were trying too.

I understand that your husband is coming home. I completely understand that you want to spend time with him. That’s completely reasonable. However, if you didn’t want me around, you should have just told me when I asked you. I asked you twelve times if you wanted me around before all of this turmoil began. Continue reading

I Love You To Death But My Dad Just Died. Please Let Me Grieve In Peace.


You’re sad that I haven’t spoken to you since the funeral. You’re concerned that I’m so sad and that I don’t want to be around you anymore. You’re upset that I’m not grieving with you and comforting you. I’m so f**king sorry that my heart is shattered in a million pieces, and that I’m not the happy-go-lucky person you’ve grown accustomed to.

If you are at peace and feeling like your life is getting back to normal, then more power to you. And if that’s the case, I pray that you have this sense of comfort for the rest of your lifetime. I’m sorry if my timeline is not coinciding with yours, but I’m still trying to figure out my new normal. IT’S ONLY BEEN BARELY A MONTH SINCE I’VE HAD TO LAY MY DADDY TO REST. PLEASE give me time and space to grieve without having to think that I’m hurting you in the process. Continue reading

I Hate You, But I Give Up. I Will No Longer Fight Back. Abuser.


I’ve been thrown around, raped, beaten, threatened, and even more by you. I’ve tried to get help for years to make you stop being a danger to us. I left you when you tried to kill our baby. Remember that? I do.

I stopped worrying about what YOU needed when your 3-month-old daughter and I had to hide in a homeless shelter. I stopped trying to compromise with you when you forced me to sign over MY RIGHTS to someone else!

I have hated everything about you since my baby called her “Mommy!” I nearly lost everything fighting to get my baby back when it was safe again. The courtroom brawls were so bad that I began having nightmares. I wasn’t sleeping after awhile. I was so afraid to talk that I constantly had a knot in my throat. I honestly considered eating my gun. Continue reading

I’m So Embarrassed By You Dumb Ninja Turtle Looking Ghetto Black B*t*h*s!


I’m so tired of you dumb ghetto b*t*h*s. It’s embarrassing to me as a black woman to see you acting like such fools. Yes, you with all your damn tattoos and rainbow colored hair, yelling and cussing at your kids and talking loudly. Yes, you with the killer clown hairdo and the ashy complexion from smoking weed all day. Yes, you with the stupid look on your face because you’re ready to start trouble everywhere you go. Yes, you with all of the family members that have nicknames like BooBoo and DaeDae. Yes, you who puts all of your business on social media knowing that you aren’t going to bust a grape. Yes, you at almost 40 years old, still at the club with purple eyeshadow on, while your daughter watches your kids. I can’t stand you dumb ninja turtle looking ghetto b*t*h*s!

image: BAPS

It’s Sad That You’ve Chosen Drugs Over Our Daughter. She’s Better Off Without You.


I hate that you decided to choose drugs over me for many years. But I got over that. What I can’t get over is how much you have chosen drugs over our beautiful child. Your family looks down on me for giving up on you and for not sticking around to help you with your drug habit. F**k them. Your drug habit was no longer my problem once I became a mother. It was now yours. Continue reading

Your Punk @ss Let Your Ex-Wife Publicly Play My Position. WTF?! F**k You Coward!


You chose your ex-wife to be the one closest to you during one of the hardest times of your life. I was hurting too. I wanted to be the one there for you, but you discussed it with her, and allowed her to play the role of your wife for all of our friends and family to see. F**k you. Maybe this time you can be the one she cheats with instead of on. I’d rather be alone than to feel the way that I do now. Were you thinking about her as you were using me to f**k away your grief? Continue reading

I’m So Happy That I No Longer Feel A Thing About Or Against You. Bye Girl.


I honestly don’t know who you are anymore. You used to be a kind person once upon a time. But now all I see is malice and resentment. I am sorry, but I really don’t know what I did for you to just walk out on our years long friendship. I had tried to reach out to you many times, but you only pushed me away. I know that you desperately want to show me how happy you are now that you’re so much closer with your new friend. Honestly, I don’t see the connection.

I see her merely dodging you off except for when she needs you. But now that I see it clearer, you are no different from her. You both perfectly deserve each other. I couldn’t be happier to know that I finally don’t feel a thing about or against you. I honestly once wanted to be friends with you again so badly, but I just don’t anymore because you are not the person I met. Continue reading

You’re Supposed To Be My Co-Parent, But You Ghost Our Kids. F**k You S**tbag!


I am so tired of your s**t! I am literally at my lowest point right now. We are supposed to be co-parenting, but you don’t even come around! When you do show your face, it’s only for a couple of hours, and all you do is yell at the kids and sleep. You are a s**tbag of a father, but you used to be the greatest. All you do is smoke weed and stay at your friend’s house. I call you and you don’t answer. The kids wanna talk to you sometimes, but you act like you could care less. Continue reading

You Broke My Heart, But I Won’t Let You Bitter My Heart. Goodbye And Good Luck!


I gave you my heart you son of a b*t*h. You were my world! I gave you everything. You knew how much you meant to me. I wanted you for forever and always but you wanted different. You gave up our bond, our love, and our world, for lust. Not just once did I forgive you. I forgave you twice. Forgiving you a third time would have meant forgiving you far too many times. I wanted nothing but for you to be you and for you to accept me for me. But that was too much to ask of you. I refuse to let you bitter my heart. I refuse to become spiteful. The next man I love will receive all that you took for granted. I bid you farewell and happy endings with her.

image: Haleyface