The Truth About Obamacare: Republicans vs. The People

I am sick of the Republicans and their theatrics about Obamacare.  Governments should be about the people and helping the people.  To Republicans this means handouts.  There are over 30 million people without healthcare in the United States because they can’t afford it.  So many of them suffer from illnesses that aren’t cared for.  They don’t receive the treatments that they need and then they die.

Obama and most of the Democrats want us to have a healthier nation and to do right by the people.  Michelle Obama talks about nutrition and drinking water to stay healthy.  Republicans and their radio and TV reps have a problem with that.  Doctors and hospitals are against Obamacare because they have been overcharging insurance companies.  And Republicans want to shut down the government?  They have nothing better to offer.

The majority of the people spoke during the last major election that they wanted to follow the proposed policies of President Obama.  This is a democracy.  Let him be president and do what he was voted into office to do.  They need to stop standing in his way at every turn.  If he says the sky is blue, they say it is purple.  I would be ashamed to be a Republican.  Their lack of politics doesn’t make sense!