Unbelievable Betrayal: How I Fell for a Lying SOB

You lying SOB!  I gave you so many changes!  I usually don’t give men so many chances, but I gave you chance after chance!  I feel so dumb.  I knew you weren’t crap when I went with you when I was fifteen and you were making alllllll this money doing Lord knows what, but you still stole from me!  You made a lot of money.  Why are you stealing from me?  Then we reconnected.  I let bygones be bygones, and you’re still playing these dumbass head-trips.  Well honey, the spell is over.  You’re gonna get yours.  I can’t even finish my vent letter because you’re blowing my phone up trying to give me your lame ass excuses. Screw you.  If I wasn’t a Christian I’d wish you die in a fire!