I’ve always been there for everything. And what do I get back? Bullsh*t!  I’ve lied for you, took the blame for you, even helped you out when you needed me the most.  But every time I do, you don’t say “thank you.”  You just get what you want and go about your business.  Day and night, who’s been there for you when he hurt you? Me.  Who was there when she put you out of the house?  Me.  Oh, and who was there when he got your pregnant then up and left? Me.  You show me no respect, and after all I do you treat me like straight bullsh*t.  And all I really wanted was a “Thank you,” but I guess you can’t even say the simplest word in the world.  But guess what?  Karma’s a b**** and it will come for you and f*** your s*** up.