Is our addiction to cell phones destroying our real-life connections?”

What have our communication skills come to?  We had a small birthday celebration for my grandfather’s 90th the other day.  There was a program with remarks, dinner, and an oldies band.  Just what he likes, and he was having a good time.  There was a lot of socializing and dancing.  However, the great-grandkids were on their phones talking and texting.  I had to pull a few of them to the side to set them straight.  They didn’t appreciate it and rolled their eyes, etc., but they did as I asked.  The evening was to honor our patriarch.  Almost everybody had a cell phone on the table or in their hands.  I don’t understand it.  People, young and older, seem to have an addiction with the cell phone.  People don’t “talk” anymore and everybody is always texting.  Most people do this every few seconds.  It’s pitiful!

I have been to dinner with friends who text all during dinner!  What’s the use of being together if you aren’t talking, not following the conversation, and looking at your phone the whole time?  Don’t get me started on people in the supermarket constantly talking on their phones loudly as they are shopping.  They don’t care if you hear all their conversation and some seem to talk loudly to annoy others.  Get a real life!  I hope those of you reading this who do that will think about your rudeness. Learn some manners!