The Struggles of Dealing with Friends Who Just Don’t Get It

Sometimes you just piss me off.  After knowing me for fourteen years, I’d think that you’d be able to tell when I’m mad at you or even someone else and know NOT to pester me!  Just the other day you were bothering me when I was frustrated with my grandparents and it pushed me further and further.  In a way, I wish you’d move away, but I don’t want to watch you go and I don’t want to lose contact with you.  Why can’t you just pay attention and focus on me?  I know I have a boyfriend, and I know you don’t like him, but can’t you push that aside and focus on the girl you’ve been friends with for so long?  Come on; is it that freaking hard to pay attention to someone?  I wish I could tell you. I wish I could say something. I just can’t though.  I’m afraid of hurting you, of seeing you cry again.  I never want to hurt your feelings.  You just irritate me sometimes though.  What can I do but keep it inside?  I don’t want to hurt anyone with these conflicting feelings, and yet the only person I’m hurting is myself.  Damn, why can’t I speak up and be more open with my best friend?