Online Hatred Revealed: Witnessing Cruelty Behind the Screen

I read many news articles online along with the corresponding comments.  Everyone has the right to express their opinion on a topic. However, some of the disgusting, idiotic, and hateful comments make me wonder about people’s mental stability.  Some people are so mean and cruel as they hide behind their computer and reveal their true selves.  The negative remarks about innocent children and people who are in need are abundant.  The craziness and incoherence of many statements makes me wonder who these people really are in real life.  Are they my neighbors who smile in my face?  Are they my co-workers who act as if they are genuinely concerned about others?  Or, are they “friends” who pretend to be people of compassion, Christianity, and love?

I feel the angry comments are associated with the anger and violence within our society.  The comment section for the news articles is a way for some to “vent” their disguised anger with life, self, and their mental instability.  The sad part about it is that they don’t know or realize that “they” need help to deal with their underlying deep-rooted hate and inability to appropriately and effectively respond to societal issues.  They don’t recognize that they feed into and are a large part of many of our societal adversities.