The Crippling Effects of Bullying and Depression: My Personal Battle

I just want to break down and cry.  There’s nothing I really can do anymore.  Everything is hurting me.  I can’t move on from my past because everything I do just comes running back to slap me in the face.  I’m trying to put everything behind me, but I can’t.  I can’t even think straight … Read more

Karma’s Knocking: When Friends Take You for Granted

Drama is my friends.  I hate when people feel a need to lie about stuff just to make their lives appear better than yours.  I hate the fact that some of my friends will lie about things going on in their lives just to make me feel like mine isn’t about crap.  Well, truth of … Read more

Being There For You Through Thick and Thin – Why Can’t You Just Say ‘Thank You’?”

I’ve always been there for everything. And what do I get back? BS!  I’ve lied for you, took the blame for you, even helped you out when you needed me the most.  But every time I do, you don’t say “thank you.”  You just get what you want and go about your business.  Day and … Read more

Unbelievable Betrayal: How I Fell for a Lying SOB

You lying SOB!  I gave you so many changes!  I usually don’t give men so many chances, but I gave you chance after chance!  I feel so dumb.  I knew you weren’t crap when I went with you when I was fifteen and you were making alllllll this money doing Lord knows what, but you … Read more

Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic: My Unrequited Love Story Revealed

You are killing me. I wish you knew how I felt about you.  You are the most indecisive yet perfect guy.  It hurts to know that I’m making myself out to be trashy to try and please you.  Throwing myself at you for you to even tolerate me the littlest bit.  The last few weeks … Read more

Ew! Gym Etiquette Crisis: Sweaty Equipment Left for All to Touch

I attend a local gym that has various types of equipment. Some folks don’t wipe the equipment off after their workout. I have seen people with sweat popping off of themselves, onto the equipment, and they leave it like that. I always wipe off the machines before and after I use them, and I think … Read more

Dealing with a Friend Who Won’t Stop Interrupting Me – It’s a Never-Ending Battle

My friend constantly interrupts myself and others in conversation.  I can be in the middle of a sentence and she just starts talking.  This happens frequently.  I have mentioned this to her and have told her to let me finish, but she continues.  She is such a rude woman.  I wonder if she doesn’t care … Read more

The Wedding Gift Debacle: When Gratitude Falls Short

My co-worker got married about two years ago.  My husband and I attended the wedding and gave the newlyweds a fifty-dollar gift certificate from Macy’s.  Did we receive a thank you card?  No!  Did she say anything about the gift?  No!  I’m sure I would have heard something if we hadn’t given a gift. Prior … Read more

How I’m Putting Myself First and Leaving Toxic Love Behind

I need to move on. I know she’ll use the same tricks as before once I find someone else to focus my affection on.  I’m figuring out how to love her less; how to be fed up with her unapologetic self-centeredness.   I was reminded recently to “let her live her choice.”  It’s not my job … Read more