The Hidden Pain of Growing up Fatherless

Tonight I am crying myself to sleep because of a video about a kid’s dad who was supposed to go on a trip with him but left.  My dad did that a lot too. Why can’t I tell anyone about my dad? I envision my peers asking, “What’d your dad say?” And I envision myself … Read more

Why Famous Musicians Need to Stop Complaining About Their Hit Songs

One of the most irritating things that famous singers do is complain about the song that made them famous. Yeah, people ask you to sing it all the time. And yeah, it gets annoying. But you wrote the song. It made you rich as hell, and you’re going to complain? How about you shut up … Read more

The Pains of Unrequited Love: Trapped Between Friendship and Desires

I’m so confused when it comes to love. I’m in love with my best friend and it hurts. I’m not ready to be in a relationship but the rest of me wants them. I don’t know what to do. I love them so much. More than anything. I have for years. But I’m scared of … Read more

Falling in Love With a Married Man: A Tale of Passion and Desperation

I’ve been seeing him for over six months now.  I’m married with one child and he’s married with three children.  We met on a networking site and fell in love.  We finally met in person and it made me fall for him even more.  His touch, his kiss, and everything else about him is amazing.  … Read more

Competitiveness and desperation: The truth behind dating at Harvard

I am actually one of the few people who had (and continue to have) a really healthy relationship with someone I met at Harvard.  I think it’s because we both had really fun social circles outside of each other that allowed us to exist both together and apart.  And in the beginning, we had been … Read more

Is our addiction to cell phones destroying our real-life connections?”

What have our communication skills come to?  We had a small birthday celebration for my grandfather’s 90th the other day.  There was a program with remarks, dinner, and an oldies band.  Just what he likes, and he was having a good time.  There was a lot of socializing and dancing.  However, the great-grandkids were on … Read more

Heartbreaking Twist – My Ex Found Love Before Me

The unthinkable happened.  My first love moved on and I hate it.  I hate it because I’m single and lonely, and he’s with his pretty girlfriend smiling and happy and crap.  Damn.  I wasn’t prepared for this.  I don’t exactly want him back, but why couldn’t he have waited until I found someone handsome and … Read more

Pillsbury Dough Crook – Someone Keeps Stealing My Lunch at Work!

Buy your own lunch you thief!  There is a real jerk at work!  Most days my wife prepares a lunch from home for me to take to work.  It usually consists of leftovers from dinner the night before, salad, fruit, and a snack.  I place it in the employee lunchroom where we have a large … Read more

Caught in the act: Should I confront my cheating cousin’s wife?”

What should I do?  Should I confront my cousin’s wife, tell my cousin, or keep my mouth shut? Today I was leaving the parking lot of BJ’s at 1PM.  My attention was drawn to a black SUV with an opened door.  At first I thought that someone accidentally left it open or that someone had … Read more

The Truth About Obamacare: Republicans vs. The People

I am sick of the Republicans and their theatrics about Obamacare.  Governments should be about the people and helping the people.  To Republicans this means handouts.  There are over 30 million people without healthcare in the United States because they can’t afford it.  So many of them suffer from illnesses that aren’t cared for.  They … Read more